Saturday, July 20, 2013

She's here!

Jason and I can finally be called "Aunt" and "Uncle"!!  Lauren (Jason's sister) and Corey had their  little girl on July 11th, and let me tell 'ya--she is gorgeous!

Taking her newborn photos was so much fun, and I think I got a little carried away with dyeing cheesecloth wraps... :).  I think I'm hooked...

I never thought I would really ever need or want a macro lens, but look at all of the detail you can see close up like fuzzy baby ears?  (FYI... I don't have a macro lens.  I just turned my prime around backwards...)

I tried my hand at a composite photo, and it worked out so well! (Since a newborn can't actually hold her own head up like this, we took one photo with Lauren holding the top of her head and one holding her chin then spliced them together).

These two, as much as they get annoyed with a camera in their faces all the time, they couldn't stand that someone else was in the limelight :)

Isn't she beautiful?!  Look at that smile!

Stunning Mama and Baby :)

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