Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Poor Man's Macro

{Squeal!}  I just found a new way to use my camera!!!  I was Pinteresting (a terrible habit, I know), when I came across a blog post by MCP Actions called Macro Photography on a Budget.  I've tried Sarah Halstead's "free lensing," which was really cool and made a LensBaby type effect... but then I found out that you can flip your lens around backwards, and suddenly have a "macro" lens!!!!

Forgive the dark photos... I didn't edit them, just to demonstrate how drastically you have to alter your exposure settings.  I had my ISO at 3200, my shutter speed at 80 (way too slow for this), and I had to hold the aperture ring all the way open with my finger.

This is with my lens on properly.  I was the closest I could get to the ball and still focus.

You and your subject have to be extremely still since the focus changes so drastically with every change in depth.  Little boys don't hold still.

A little wooden block.  See all the little blemishes on the wood?

The other side of the block

My lens cap know what this is...
How cool is that?!

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