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If you haven't already read my story, check it out here. Does this sound like your experience? If so, check out the below links...
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Click HERE for a growing list of doctors willing to treat posterior tongue-tie
Please let me know if you find a doctor knowledgeable about and willing to treat posterior tongue-tie, as I hope to be able to assist other women in finding the help they want and need.

Lawrence Kotlow, DDS
  • YouTube Video: How to Assess for a Posterior Tongue-Tie
Greg Notestine, DDS
  • If you can't get to either the East or West Coast where most of the breastfeeding-friendly or Posterior Tongue-Tie -knowledgeable doctors are, Kotlow has been known to recommend this dentist near Dayton Ohio. A friend of mine took her son here after being told by a pediatric ENT in Indianapolis that his tongue tie wasn't a problem, and that she should bottle-feed him. She said Dr. Notestine and his staff were very friendly, encouraging, and willing to help. Here is his site.
 Catherine Watson Genna, IBCLC
Brian Palmer, DDS (While there is a ton of information here, be forewarned that there are cadaver pictures in these presentations)
Elizabeth Coryllos, MD, MSs, FAAP, FACS, FRCSc, IIBCLC
Tongue Exercises
  • Kelly Mom (This site is amazing for breastfeeding help/info)
  • Breath of Life (Personal Story)
  • Hazelbaker Assessment Tool
  • The Funny-Shaped Woman (Photo showing the exaggerated latch technique: a way to assist in maintaining latch despite an un-clipped labial/lip tie; I personally use this, as neither my ENT nor pediatrician were in a hurry to clip my baby's tight labial frenulum)
  • Letter From Your Baby (Encouragement to keep breastfeeding, even though it's hard)
  • Metaphysical Mama (Personal Story)
  • A YouTube Video showing how a tongue-tied baby swallows:

Support with Integrity
Support with Integrity
Breastfeeding Pledge 
The International Breastfeeding Symbol

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  1. Have you contacted Dr. Amy Grawey to see if she would like to be included as a resource?


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