About Our Family

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Established: 30 December 2006

Jason and I met in the Fall of 2000 (yes, we were High School Sophomores), and started courting in the Spring of 2001 (February 22nd at 7:36, to be exact!)

Since we married, we have been blessed with 2 beautiful boys!


 I am a wife and mother, striving to glorify God in the roles He has given me. I work part-time as a Registered Nurse in a Level 1 trauma ICU. Between church, work, and loving my three guys, my favorite things are my camera, books, my sewing machine, and my hot glue gun :).  Check out my photography business over at ChristineWrightPhotography.com


The best man God could have blessed me with for a husband and a father for my children.  He works as an Air Traffic Controller.  His quirky sense of humor can lighten any moment.  He doesn't mind my absentmindedness or complete lack of "street smarts," and loves me anyway :). He always considers the needs of our family before his own... a true servant leader!

Lucas (Luc)
Our brilliant, sweet-hearted, 4-year-old boy! Before jumping into anything, he always watches, studies, and memorizes everything he sees and hears.  He loves any game that involves a ball or running, can instantly pick out the main instrument in just about any song and "air-plays" it, frequently memorizes the chorus of a song after hearing it only once or twice, and says some of the wittiest little things that I love to post and share!

 Jackson (Jack)
Our almost 2-year-old rascal...  A huge ball of energy and sunshine!  He is constantly on the move, and is learning so fast (especially from his brother).  His smiles and giggles can light up a room, but watch out for the temper! :)  His hugs can make anyone's day better!

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