Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rock the Shot June Photo Challenge: Summer Fun

I'm learning how to alter the lighting I have available to me in various situations.  I have spent the past year varying how I shoot indoors to get the best light, when it suddenly dawned on me that my bright sunny day photos just aren't the greatest.  I know midday sun is not like the "golden hours," but little boys do not adhere to these lighting rules.  Hence, my experimenting.  With the sun behind and to the side of him, I laid a large sheet of white foam board on the ground between us to use as a reflector.  It brightened his face up tremendously!  However, I have also recently discovered color casts (ugh!  they're everywhere!). He had so many green shadows under his arms and neck from the trees and grass.  They had to go! I used this tutorial I found on the MCP Actions blog.  The result? Normal flesh tones!

This photo is being submitted to the Rock the Shot "Summer Fun" Photo Challenge

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