Monday, July 22, 2013

Dinner and a Movie

Jason and I are trying to find more things to do as a family, even if it seems "little."  We typically have one pizza night a week, but restaurants and even frozen pizzas can add up... plus we didn't really count this as "doing something together."  Instead, we decided to do a make-pizza-together night (both boys get turns helping).  They felt so big getting to do this, and they loved that we were all hanging over the counter together.

Munch snackin' on the goods while he waits for his turn to cook...

Please ignore the messy craft table... :)

I pulled out my kit lens since it's the only wide angle I have.  It's been forever since I've used it, and I've never paid attention to all of the line distortion around the edges (note the stove top).  However, the distortion is enough that it almost looks slightly fish-eye :)

Watching Oz while eating our pizza.  Jack never sits still for movies, but he was engrossed for almost an hour!

I'm not apologizing for the lack of color... I love black and white.  I feel like it can bring out so much emotion.

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