Saturday, December 29, 2012

My real mom moment...

Alright, so I know it's wrong to be envious of how great other moms are with their kids and how perfect their life seems. Just so nobody makes that mistake with me , this is how my Friday evening went...

Wednesday we got about 10 inches of snow. This is Jack's first winter, so over the next several days I bought all the snow gear I could find (and afford) for a very small child. Lucas had received a thick down coat and bibs for Christmas from Aunt Megan, and he already had boots. 

After nap-time Friday, we spent 45 minutes dressing two young kids in their snowsuits and 30-45 playing in the snow. Jack didn't know what to think of it, so he focused on Big Brother's antics instead. We went back in since Jack was starting to cough, and we played with their dinosaur collection in the kitchen. Lucas quickly danced toward the bathroom, and I told him I would be there in just a second to help (he still doesn't have the hang of toilet paper).

As I held my hands out for Jackson, he excitedly walked to me using a small kid's crafting table for support.

His little sock-covered feet tripped over each other as he reached for me, and he ended up hitting the corner of the table with his mouth.

There was a lot of blood. More than just bumping a tooth or biting your lip. Bright red. A lot of it.

I wiped as much as I could away from his face, then looked in his mouth. The frenulum behind his upper lip was torn. We'd already planned on seeing a pediatric dentist after the holidays to have it clipped as it was preventing his top teeth from coming in all the way... I was not planning on clipping it like this.

Knowing that breastfeeding was the recommended pain reliever after clipping a tongue or lip tie, I quickly gave Jack a frozen teething ring and headed to the bathroom to help Lucas clean up.

His head was in the unflushed toilet. I screamed. He stood up really fast, water running down his face. I started shaking. "Lucas! Don't put your head in the toilet! There's poop in there, and now it's in your hair! Get in the bathtub so I can clean you up!"

With baby in one arm (still sucking on a blood-stained teething ring), I scrubbed Lucas as best I could. After pulling him out of the tub and toweled him off, the shaking and hugging and sobbing started. Never in my wildest dreams had I thought he would try swimming in a toilet, let alone that my other child would get hurt, preventing me from being in here with him. What if he had slipped and couldn't pull himself out? I tried to calm the blubbering enough to explain to him why I was so scared. I don't think he's ever seen me cry so much, so I'm pretty sure he won't ever do that again.

Still shaking and sobbing, I called the gym, begging Jason to come home. I don't think he's ever heard me like that before either, so he was home just minutes later.

Jack decided he'd had enough of the teething ring, so I gave the boys popsicles. I love how Jack is communicating more and more. When his popsicle was gone, he pulled himself up on me, handed me the mesh feeder I'd stuffed it into, smiled and said, "Ah duh!" Now, I'm using context here, but since the feeder was empty and he was signing "all done," I'm gonna say that's what "Ah duh" means.

Jason suggested we get out of the house for a little while, so we took the boys out for pizza. Some random guy came stomping up to our table, asking Jason if that was our van.

"Well, you just put a huge dent in my car you {insert bad name}, and now you can pay to have the dents taken out of your car! Thanks a lot, you {insert another bad name}."

Keep in mind that my children heard all of this.

Jason went out to the check our van for damage.  The guy had already moved his car to a different spot... oh, and he had originally been double parked.  We had double parked, as well, so that we wouldn't hit him.

Jason didn't see anything, so he went to the other guy's table {I'm praying big time} and says, "I'm not seeing any damage, and I really don't think we did anything to your car.  If you want, we can exchange insurance."  The other guy responds with, "How about we exchange hospital bills?!"

Jason laughs and says, "Yeah, and then how about we call the cops and tell them you assaulted me?"

The other guy (who happens to be sitting with a woman and maybe-7-year-old boy) starts cussing at him.  The waitress tells the guy to knock it off and for Jason to go back to his own table.  She followed him back, trying to calm him down: "He's not worth your time.  Just let it roll off your back.  He came in here all hot about something, and you just happened to be a convenient fight."

About 5 minutes later, a second guy comes up to us (having seen the previous altercation) and says, "Hey! Is that your black truck out there?"

Noooo....? We look out the window to see the first guy kicking and beating on the truck he's currently parked next to.  The restaurant employees run to the door amid shouts of "Call the cops," as he drives away.  

Funny thing is, the truck's owner was actually sitting in the front seat while his vehicle was being kicked. Not so funny, is the fact there's nothing the cops can do unless there is damage to the truck (unlikely).  At least they have a license plate.

On a brighter note, it's snowing again right now! (I'm writing this late Friday night).  One of my favorite things is seeing the fresh dusting of snow on the road.  It makes everything seem so bright and clean!

...ugh...I'm going to bed.


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  1. Terrifying, and a bit gross, but you handled it so beautifully! Your children are blessed to have you. You are doing so well by them!


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