Monday, December 31, 2012

Sandwich Roll-Up

You know what the "witching hour" is, right?  That 5-6 o'clock period when your three-year-old is throwing epic tantrums, and your baby screams bloody murder unless you are holding him... and when you put him down to finish making dinner, he manages to hurt himself on every single toy he looks at.  Or is it just me?

This is also the time period when I am the most exhausted.  All the energy I started off with in the morning has slowly seeped right out through my toes, and 5 pm is when I suddenly realized that it's gone.

I'm desperate for easy-to-make, colorful, mostly-healthy, child-approved finger-food meals.  Casseroles are anti-toddler...

Meat and cheese tortilla roll-ups!  It's simple... layer any kind of lunch meat and any kind of cheese you know your kids like, and use mayo or mustard to make the tortilla hold together when you roll it up.  Slice into little pieces.  Sprinkle random veggies around :).  Voila!

Obviously, I cut everything up just a little smaller for Jack, but both boys liked it!


  1. Looks yummy! We have the witching hour here, too :). When the kids were babies, Shane would come home during it and feel so bad about it.

  2. Love this! I need to keep this kind of meal in mind when life gets too crazy (or too hot in TX) to heat up the stove!


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