Friday, November 30, 2012

Tried and True Mommy Tips

Tried and True Mommy Tip #742 (don't ask me, "Why 742?"  I have no clue... it just sounds like a good number):
Lucas (yelling): MOMMY!
Me (quietly): I can't hear you. You're too quiet. 
Lucas (whispering): Mommy... I'm yelling now.

#743: Never ever ever EVER put baby in pajamas that allow him access to his diaper :)

#744: Jack finally caught that stomach bug that everyone else's kids seemed to have already fought. His pediatrician gave me the coolest advice... Mix Vaseline (skin protection) and Maalox (an antacid). Spread it on Baby's red bum, and voila! Anti-sting skin barrier!

#745: Johnson's baby shampoo (the yellow stuff) makes for great shaving "gel."  Helloooo, Smooth Legs!

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  1. I've heard that Maalox trick somewhere but not about mixing it. I hope we avoid our stomach bug for a long time but in the future....will try!

    I need to try that whisper technique for church!


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