Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Wow, I am so far behind.  I just found pictures from the beginning of October that I haven't put up yet.  Stay tuned for those.  I promise I'll catch up :).

Okay, so I love my boys... but I'm a girly-girl.  I like pink and frills as much as the next chica.  I finally decided I'm going to have to satisfy my craving for tutus and ruffles with my friends' kids.

I just went through my friends in my head... most of the them have boys.

Thank you, Erin, for having a little girl!!!

She just celebrated her birthday a couple weeks ago, and I had the chance to finally put my girly Pinterest ideas to use!


Her favorite princesses are Sleeping Beauty and Tinkerbell.  (I think I had a little too much fun with Tinkerbell).  Treasures for Tots has a great tutu tutorial here and here.

Sleeping Beauty:

I made the length twice as long as in the tutorial to make it look more like a ball gown.

Sorry there's no tutorial for the accessories (I, like normal, waited until the last minute to make these).  For the headbands, I found soft foam-covered headbands in the sewing section at Walmart and wrapped them in leftover ribbon.  The shoe clips are pompoms glued to those long snap hair clips.  The wings are tulle and ribbon wrapped around and hot-glued to molded floral wire, hot-glued to a ribbon-wrapped cardboard base.

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  1. Look at you crafty lady! Love them all! My best friend is having a girl any time now and we threw a long distance tutu baby shower for her since it's her second child. Everyone made a tutu for a different holiday and sent it with a gift card.


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