Monday, November 26, 2012

Lucas' Photography

 ACK!  Lucas stole my camera!!  (well... he asked, and I let him...).

Lucas asked me if he could take pictures with my DSLR, so I turned the camera to auto, showed him where to look (he was closing both eyes and just smashing the camera up to his nose :)), threw the strap around his neck, and just followed him around the house.  Absolutely nothing he wanted to be in focus was in focus, but I loved seeing what details he wanted to capture...

Please ignore the messy clutter... his photos are brutally honest of what our house normally looks like :)...

"The door"
"Jackson's blocks"
"Jackson" ...or at least the back of his head...
I have no clue how he got this... it was a 50 mm lens on a crop sensor camera.  There is no way his arms were long enough to get a pic of himself.
"My pillow"
"My chair. My dresser.  My firetruck bed."
"My letters on my wall"
"My train table"

Okay... I'll confess:  this is the only photo of his that I edited.  I just really wasn't liking the zit on my chin :).  So it went buh-bye.
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  1. That's a fun activity! I'm not sure I trust Wyatt with our camera just yet! :) Great train table pic!


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