Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Okay... so we watch way too much Sid the Science Kid :).  But they just have the coolest science projects on that show!  This was a Halloween episode, and they made mad scientist slime.  It looked pretty cool, so we gave it a go...

First, you need an adorable small helper...

Sid the Science Kid says to use 1 cup cornstarch and 1 cup water... that was too watery for us, so we increased the corn starch to 2 cups.

We mixed the cornstarch and water together, then added some food coloring to make it more fun.

Note:  it's very hard to mix!

This stuff is so cool!  When you first pick it up, it's a solid that you can almost break in half...

Wait a few seconds, and it will liquefy, running quickly out between your fingers!  This is a great project if you want to teach your kids about different states of matter.  Lucas just wanted to touch and play for now.  That's okay!  He's experiencing and learning without even knowing it.

Be careful punching or poking the slime! It gets hard when just sitting in the bowl and not being manipulated!

Yes, it is messy. Don't worry, warm water wipes this right up! ...the food coloring might stay on the small helper's fingers, though... :)

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  1. Love the slime idea! I tried it with my kids and they were not into it at all :( My oldest will be 3 in 2 weeks and he does not like getting things on him lol! we will have to try it again when hes a little bit older!


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