Monday, October 22, 2012

The Driver Cart

Lucas loves going to stores with a "driver cart" (in Lucas-speak).  A driver cart is any shopping cart with a cool space for older kids (i.e. Kroger has a red and yellow car up front, Target has a red chariot-type thing in the back, and Lowe's has a race car on theirs).

I love watching my boys interact with each other.  Lucas is always trying to show Jackson "the ropes," and Jack is constantly trying to mimic whatever his big brother is doing.  When we went to Lowe's a few days ago, Jack got his first experience in the driver cart.  Lucas took his role very seriously, trying to teach his baby brother how to drive it :).

I am particularly proud of these pictures because they are all SOOC (Straight out of the camera... no editing whatsoever...).

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  1. Love this!!! Lucas is such a good big brother!! Can't believe Jack can sit up already!!! My how time flies!!!

  2. They are beautiful! This style of cart is the only one I can convince my 3 yr. old to get in, and he too has taken teaching his sister how to drive them VERY seriously. I laughed at the shot where he is trying to put his little hand on the wheel. Come on younger sib. get with it, hands on the wheel!



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