Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Meeting G'ama and G'ampa at the Park

For my birthday last week, I got a new lens for my camera (50mm f1.8).  I'm loving it! It makes for much faster and sharper picture-taking. Yeah, I have to back up quite a bit to get it to focus on closer subjects, but I can deal with that.  Outside in natural light, the pictures are beautiful!

I brought it to a nearby park where we met up with Jason's parents at the playground.

These are pictures from a few weeks ago using the kit lens that came with my camera.  Not bad, but just as a comparison...

Picture on the left is my experimenting with flash outdoors.
 These pictures are using my new lens...

Yes, you can say it... all three of my guys have gorgeous eyes!

"Flying" with G'ama
Okay, so maybe I overused the ginormous aperture, and I need to learn to focus a little better on moving targets... but hey, I'm still learning :)

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