Sunday, June 03, 2012


Lucas was on a roll today...

Lucas {at a stop sign}: Mommy, does that sign say, "Stop, cars!"?
Christine: Yes, it does! Good job! How do you spell "Stop"?
L: S-O-P, Stop Cars!
C: Haha! S-T-O-P! Good job! What color is the sign?
L: The color is... Stopcars!

{On the way to church, a silver Grand Prix (which we also have) is coming opposite direction}
Lucas: My daddy's car is coming this way!!!

Lucas: Are we going to go get married?
Christine: Well, I'm already married to daddy. When you grow up and get big like daddy, you can find a really nice girl that loves Jesus that you can marry.
L: Can I hold her {hug in Lucas-speak}, Mommy?

{Grunting coming from the back seat}
Christine: Lucas... What are you doing?
Lucas: I'm just farting.
C: Are you sure you're not pooping? {...and since he frequently tells us "fart" instead of "poop"...} Is there poop coming with that fart?
L: No, it's just air. Can you please change the air?

{Lucas knocked a chair over onto Papa's leg}
Papa: Ouch!
Lucas: Oh well...

Christine: Lucas, you do not jump on the couch! Do you understand?
Lucas: Yes, Mommy... {big, cheesy, yet charming, grin} See ya later!

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