Sunday, November 06, 2011

Sponge Brain

It never ceases to amaze me how much Lucas soaks up. Some days it seems like he's completely deaf and you wonder what is the point of speaking at all? Then other days, he repeats something he heard weeks ago... verbatim. We were at the library the other day, playing in the toddler section. While Mommy was looking for books to take home, Lucas sat down at the Fisher Price Playhouse and "played house.". There were a grandma, a mommy, and a daddy doll. They all took turns peeing on the potty (we've been dabbling in potty training), and he even had the daddy doll standing up! Grandma and mommy walked up the stairs and laid down for "nigh-nigh time," while daddy was in the kitchen cooking and eating.

Shortly after this, Lucas gave up on the Playhouse and moved on to the grocery cart and the food items...and went shopping. It seems like just yesterday that he could barely sit up, and now he's running around role-playing things that I never thought he really paid attention to!

Apparently he remembers explanations for things from who-knows-when. I took him down to the nursery during church this morning. On the way down he asks, "Papa praying?". I replied, "No, Papa's preaching right now.". He must have put this together with a past discussion that I don't remember. His response to this was, "Papa teaching about Jesus."

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