Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Lucas has been on a roll lately...

His cereal bowl tips over...
Lucas: "Shoot. Dang it."
That just sounds terrible coming from a 2-year-old.
Me: "Lucas, don't say that. It's not nice."
Lucas: "Daddy say it. Daddy say it in the car! Daddy say, 'Dang it football.'"
Jason: "Hey! Are you narcing on me?"

A little later, Jason is coming out of the office.
Lucas: "Daddy all done time out?"

Me: "Hey, Bud, are you finished eating?"
Lucas: "Rock an' roll all night!"
Me: "Cute, but that didn't answer my question. Are you all done eating?"
Lucas: "Gonna party every day!"

We're playing in the snow later on...
Lucas: "Put legs on the snowman!"
...Because of course snowmen can't walk without legs...

Daddy's phone gets a text message (it's on vibrate).
Lucas: "'Scuse me!" (excuse me)

It's been a really long day, Lucas is finally in bed, and he's been quite for about 20 minutes. Then, I hear from his crib...
Lucas: "Rock and roll all night! Party everyday!!!"
Ok, no more Kiss...

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