Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Getting a tour of the hospital...

...Well, it wasn't intentional. Jason and I spent several hours at the hospital last night after I'd been having regular contractions for about 3 hours. I'm only 30 weeks pregnant, so having our baby wasn't an option (right now he only weighs about 3 pounds). I love listening to my baby's heartbeat, but not in these circumstances, with monitors attached all over my belly. I received an injection to stop the contractions. It worked, but I hope I never have to get it again! The nurse says, "Sorry, this will burn." Woah! No kidding?! It felt like I hit my funny bone... hard. I could feel it all the way down my arm into my little fingers. Then she says, "It will probably make your heart race and you'll feel jittery." Ha! My heart could have won the Preakness. All I could hear was the blood swishing in my ears. As for jittery... I haven't been that awful at texting since texting was first invented. I couldn't keep a grip on my phone let alone pick out the letters I needed.

Well, my contractions stopped, and they sent me home so Jackson could finish cooking a little longer. Thank God for His answered prayers!

(My shaky-handed iPhone pictures):

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