Wednesday, November 07, 2012

My Two Superheroes

Lucas, just like every other little boy right now, has a small obsession with superheroes.  Batman, Hulk... Superman, Captain America... DC, Marvel... makes no difference.  It's cool to him!

At first, Lucas said he wanted to dress up as Batman, "so I can go get candy."  He told me that Jackson had to be Robin, "so we can go fight bad guys."  Then he was introduced to the "Aventures" (Avengers) and decided he wanted to be Captain America.  After that, he didn't care what I dressed Jack up as.  I figured Superman would be an easy enough costume to make.

At Halloween at the Y a couple weeks before
Both costumes are completely made from Goodwill finds (okay... except for the shoes...).

Captain America:
Shirt... a slightly large child's Under Armor shirt with batting folded and sewn underneath for muscles, and felt hot-glued on the front.
Pants... I found workout pants in navy blue with silver stripes down the side.
Mask... I made it from a blue fleece blanket, but he has a big head... I misjudged size :)
Shield... a wicker paper plate holder thing (you know what I'm talking about, right?).  I just hot-glued felt to the front and back.  The back actually had a compartment to hold candy.

Blue Pants
Top... I cut and pieced together a blue onesie and a red onesie.  The Superman logo was freehand cut from felt and hot-glued on the front.  This Frankensteined onesie is snapped over the pants.
Cape... a red piece of felt hotglued to the shoulders.

One house had small apples mixed into the candy... Lucas picked out 3 apples and left the candy... ???

I generally don't let him have more than a couple of pieces that night, and he averages 2-3 pieces of candy per week... I just don't bring it up, and he frequently forgets about it... (mean mommy). Do you ration the candy? Or do you let them get their fill in the first couple days?

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  1. So cute! My boys were superheroes this year too, Batman and Spider-Man (although here is was below freezing so they just wore masks with their snowsuits!) Thanks for stopping by, I'm following you via FB :)

  2. Cute costumes. Way to go to your son for choosing apples. My mom was always too afraid to let us eat the apples neighbors passed out. If they forget about the sweets, I suppose that means more for you, right? Thanks for joining me for MMM this week.


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