Thursday, November 08, 2012

Indy Monumental (Part Two...)

I was so excited that I posted an Instagram picture Saturday, but here are the rest of the pictures...

The temperature started off pretty cold in the mid-30's.  I read that it was supposed to get to the mid-50's... it ended up sleeting and stayed below 40.  yuck.

After we "saw" Jason off in the crowd of over 9,000 full- and half-marathoners, the kids lined up...

Getting ready for the Indy Monumental Kids' Fun Run
Hehe... a bit blurry since I was running to catch up with him

Lucas did so well. The Kids' Fun Run was a 1/3 mile.  They started at the same starting line, ran around a city block, and finished at the same finish line that the adults ran.  Most of the parents ended up jumping in and running with the kids to keep them going.  At the final turn, Lucas says, "Mommy! My hands are freezing.  I can't run.  I'm all done." I showed him where the finish line is, he picked up speed and finished strong.  I think this is the farthest he's ever run in a row, and it was his first real "race."

Sporting his bib and finisher's medal at Starbucks while waiting for his hot chocolate.

Close quarters, but I just had to show off the eyelashes :)
After warming up with our celebration drinks, we walked to the mall a few blocks away to await the next couple hours before Daddy crossed the finish line.

We showed up at the finish line about 20 minutes earlier than he was expected in... and it started sleeting (I took one to the eyelid).  Oh well... among that whole crowd, I got an amazing finish line view (literally 10 feet behind the line).  I think I cried when I saw him finish.  I'm so proud!

Yucky sleet... but isn't he sexy? :) 

Congratulations on your first marathon, Babe!  I love you, and I'm so proud of you!

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  1. Hello, I'm stopping by from the Mommy Mixer. I love the kids "marathon". How fun to experience with you son and be just like dad. Congrats to your husband. It's a big accomplishment.


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