Thursday, November 15, 2012

Frugal Fashion -OR- I Can't Dress My Kids

So Megan (my younger of two sisters) gave me a $25 gift card to Old Navy that "just happened to be lying around, and I never go there" (pack rat... how sweet of her! ;).

Well, of course I said, "Yes, I'll take it off of your hands!"  My friend Krista and her family were visiting from IL, and she went shopping with me.  I found the cutest coat, but I couldn't decide on cobalt blue or tangerine orange.  Krista wanted me to get the orange, saying that I needed to wear more bright colors (yes, I know I'm boring and I only wear muted colors).  I just couldn't manage the orange!  It was so bright! I gave up and got pants.

In an effort to wear more color, I attempted the whole "color blocking" thing in slightly less obnoxious hues than... tangerine.  I sent this picture to Krista, and she suggested I write a post on frugal fashion...

Well, I'm not exactly sure how to give advice on frugal fashion, but most of my wardrobe are Goodwill finds.

Free... The white pants are Rock Stars from Old Navy (with the gift card from Megan).
$4...... The yellow and white striped shirt is a Charlotte Russe (second hand from Goodwill... I'm a Goodwill-junkie :).
Free... The yellow shoes are hand-me-ups from Laura (my older of two younger sisters).
$1....... The teal infinity scarf is cut up from a maternity shirt I got at a yard sale (see how to do it here).

Total cost to me... approximately $5.

I stupidly bravely wore these white pants to the park (I mean, it's what Stacy and Clinton would have me do, right?).  It was a gorgeous 75 degree day, and we absolutely had to be outside!

Now, after doing so well dressing myself, I need to show you my parenting fail. Apparently I also have color issues when it comes to my children...

Lucas' soccer coach made the comment to him that he must really like orange... That's when I realized I had dressed my child in only two different colors: orange and gray.  Even his water bottle was orange and gray!

And then, just to make it worse, I looked down...

...and all I saw was gray and green.  Really?!  How manic can I be?  ...and how embarrassing!  I'm so glad my boys aren't old enough to realize how dorky I made them look :).

...okay, so I just realized that Jason's running shoes in the bottom picture are also orange and gray.  I promise that I didn't pick those out, too!

Somebody please tell me I am not the only mother who has dressed their children so awful and only realized it when in public!

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  1. Sometimes, I let my children dress themselves (they are 9 & 7) and don't check wardrobe choices until out in public. Usually results in extreme embarrassment. My kids have been instructed to not wear orange/red together or navy/black. So you like to color coordinate head to toe. Totally acceptable! :)

    1. Forgot to mention I'm visiting from MOmmy Moments!


  2. Nope, you're not the only one. My daughter once wore her brother's four sizes too big jeans to school and just this morning, I looked down at my two year old's feet only to realize she had worn two different shoes, (both right feet) to church. We are constantly mismatched. My children would have never survived the 80's.

  3. I think they look just fine - and your outfit is lovely!

  4. Mine is only seven months... but I'm SURE i'll be there one day! Don't beat yourself up. At least they HAD clothes on, right?

    Thanks for linking up to Mommy Moments!
    - The Mrs {co host}

  5. Found you through Mommy Moments... I'm good about getting out of the house, but once we are out, like in the carpool line at school, is when I start finding things wrong with faces... it was invisible at the house, but the natural lighting illuminates breakfast/toothpaste left on their mouths

    Cute boys!

    I'd love for you to come check me out :)

  6. I'm a thrifter too! Love a great Goodwill find. When my family went to the US last July, I wound up with a couple of skirts and tops that I love from Gwill. As far as the kids go, as long as they don't complain & they keep warm, it doesn't really matter what they're wearing, at least in my house. Have a great day.


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