Thursday, October 04, 2012


"Patty cake! Patty cake! Baker's man, bake me a cake as fast as you can! Slap it! and wack it! and nap it! ...Mom, we need a hammer... hammer it, hammer it, smack it!"

Smacking... and hammering... (and yes, he is in his brother's crib...)
...and his brother :)
What nursery rhymes or songs do your kids like to butcher sing?

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  1. LoL! He is too cute!!! Thanks for linking up with the Weekend Blog Walk and commenting on my Word World post! Yes, more sleep would *definitely* be a good thing to spell!

    Hi! It's Jilly

  2. hahaha!! Real cute!! The poem and the two of them!

  3. Love it they are so cute! I'm your newest follower, just stopping by from the "Mom Musings" blog hop. If ya get a chance, check out my blog:

  4. That's a great twist! Clever little rhymer you've got, Christine. The photos are wonderful! Your boys are major cuties.

  5. Aww your boys are too cute! I'm a boy momma too. Wouldn't change it for the world :) Stopping by from the mixer!

  6. That's awesome rhyming! My daughter typically mumbles when she doesn't know words. However, her latest song cracked me up. To "Oh My Darling Clementine," she sang, "I'm a doctor, I'm a doctor, I'm a doctor, Clementine..."


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