Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday, Lucas!

Lucas, My Buddy,

 You are growing up way too fast!

Before you were born, I craved holding you in my arms.  I loved being pregnant with you.  When I first felt your little flutters at 15 weeks, I cried tears of excitement.  The first time you rolled over, making my belly look like a tidal wave, I giggled hysterically.  Your kicks were so strong, I was thrown off balance.  Even then, your personality showed through.

You were stubborn... Daddy would sleep with his arm over my belly, but you let him know that you definitely didn't like that :).  Your tiny little foot would aim right for him. "Move, Daddy! This is my mommy!"

You were pensive.  Kick, kick, kick!  I would yell for Daddy to come feel you move.  As soon as he put his hand on my belly, though, you would stop.  If he moved his hand away, you would kick again.  Hand down... stop.  It was as if you were watching, feeling, wondering what this strange knew thing was.

3 days after my due date, I went in for an induction (that means my midwife told you that you needed to come out now :).  After 16 hours of attempting too prove how set you were to stay inside, I finally met you.  I cried tears of joy!

You were so heavy!  Nothing like the baby dolls we held in our Baby Boot Camp class :).  Solid.  Warm.  Red, swollen little face.  Wrinkled little fingers.  Ten perfect little toes. Dark curly hair... oh wait... it was just dirty... thick straight blonde hair.  No wonder I had so much heartburn.  Maybe that Old Wives Tale had some truth to it.

Lucas David Wright ~ 8 lbs 14.9 oz ~ 20.5 in.
I have loved watching you grow.  You are so intelligent, and happy, and quick-witted.  You have been a joy to be around.  I love watching you quietly take in your surroundings.  I love watching you when you confidently decide your place in those surroundings, walk up to another child, and say, "Hi!  My name is Lucas David Wright.  I'm six. Will you be my friend? Let's go play!"

Your laughter is infectious.  Your smile is beautiful.  Your heart is tender and sweet.  You are so thoughtful of others.  Your ear for music is amazing. Your sense of humor cracks me up (you sure had Daddy laughing pretty hard last night)!

My prayer for you is that you grow up strong and healthy, loving Christ as your Savior.  I pray, Lord-willing, for the little girl you will one day marry: that she will be a strong, godly young woman; a help-meet; your perfect match.

I love you, Lucas!

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