Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Autumn Leaves

Sunday afternoon, we went to a 40th Wedding Anniversary celebration for Jason's great Aunt and Uncle.  Those of you who have small children may understand when I say that keeping them quiet and non-destructive indoors for very long is near impossible... unless they're sleeping.  The Lion's Club building where the celebration was held was on beautiful land.  Tall orange-, yellow-, and red-leafed trees; leaves covering the ground; freshly-painted, bright-white picnic tables; sunny fields in the distance; late afternoon/early evening light shining through the trees.  I couldn't have asked for better pictures!

In case you wonder... no.  I did nothing to enhance his eyes.  God gave him those!

Silly boy refuses to look at the camera :)
Most of the Wright, Hewitt, Hopkins guys in attendance

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  1. Love the pictures...they turned out so cute! Fall is such a wonderful time of year. I'm still waiting for the leaves to fall off the trees here and when they do, there will be pile jumping for us ;)

    PS Thanks for letting me know about Fort Fridays when you visited my blog!

    1. Your welcome! I saw that she featured you. How cool!

  2. These are wonderful shots, love him throwing the leaves in the air!

  3. These are such great photos!

  4. I love how smiley baby boy is and I love the leaf throwing. Such cute guys you have.

  5. These Fall photos are just amazing! Thanks for stopping by, new follower!


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