Sunday, September 16, 2012

30 Ways in 30 Days {Days 15 &16}

Day 15...
Having a baby can drastically change a woman's self-image... I love my children, and do not for a minute regret having them... but I still struggle with accepting my new body.  It's vain, I know.  I'm constantly asking for God's peace.

I love my husband because he is constantly tells me I'm beautiful.  Not, "I think you are beautiful."  He says, "You are beautiful."  It comes completely unprompted. I get teary-eyed just about every time; he loves me despite the stretch marks, extra belly skin, and everything else that goes with a motherly figure. It's not just words, either.  He still catch him looking at me like he did ten years ago.

Day 16...
And since I lost track of the date, here's another thing that I love about Jason.

I love my husband because he doesn't belittle my irrational fears.  I think I've only ever gone to one concert with him... those kinds of crowds make me squashed, and just a little disoriented.  I have no idea why.  They just do.  He never makes me feel silly for that... just accepts it.  I appreciate that so much!

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