Saturday, September 15, 2012

30 Ways in 30 Days {Day 14}

We're about halfway through the month... when I started, I was thinking to myself, "Maybe I'll have to continue this on for a few months.  I won't be able to stop at 30 ways that I love my husband."

Then... after the first few days, I'm trying to figure out what else to write.  Don't get me wrong!  I love Jason so much.  But putting that into words... very hard.

After about a week of purposefully thinking of different reasons I love him, it has become habit.  Instead of just subconsciously being grateful for something that he does, I'm acknowledging it.  Defining it.  Remembering it.

Even if you're not writing it down and sharing it, I recommend even privately participating in this exercise.  I'm reminded to thank him for what he does--to give affirmation and show appreciation (isn't that something anyone would want?).  I look at him a little differently, seeing even more that he does that I didn't notice before... It's just feeding these posts, giving me more ideas :).

Today, I love my husband because he still calls me his "girlfriend"... while holding my hand...  That made me feel so special :)

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Take Kimberly's 30 Days in 30 Ways Challenge!
Every day for the entire month of September, write about one thing you love about your spouse!
Leave her a comment on her site Sew Encouraging to let her know you're joining in!

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