Sunday, September 09, 2012

30 Ways in 30 Days {Day 9}

Jason, I love your dedication to finishing something.  You never leave anything half-done (and if you have to leave something, you always come back to finish it).

One example is in your running.  After the Spartan Race this past April (a little while after it... you know, when your legs were working again...), you got this crazy idea that you could train for a marathon...

I thought you were joking (I mean, seriously? You want to run 26 miles?).

...Several months later, you are still diligently training to run a marathon.  2 months before the marathon you plan to run, you've reached your max training distance (20 miles).  Most people would have decided halfway through the training that either they couldn't finish it, or that they didn't feel it was worth finishing their goal.  I love how you've pushed through and gotten right up to your marathon goals.

Yes, I am very proud of your accomplishments.  However, I am so much more proud of the fact that you are a man to take goals seriously. I love you for that!

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