Monday, September 10, 2012

30 Ways in 30 Days {Day 10}

Jason, I love your dedication to doing things together as a family.  I love how you try so hard to find ways to involve our boys in fun family activities (instead of always sitting around the house watching TV).  I love your creativity in finding these activities, too.

Saturday, your idea of going to the local high school football game was genius! Both of our boys had so much fun watching the players, the spectators, listening to the noises of the football game (...not to mention that it was beautiful weather and free, since we didn't show up until half-time... and then it was also short enough for the kids to be able to last).

This picture was actually taken by Jason a year ago at a local high school football game... This past Saturday, I didn't bring my camera and wasn't able to get any phone shots while holding the baby.

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