Wednesday, August 01, 2012

My Friend "The TV Guy"

Our town has MetroNet... Fiber IPTV, Internet, and Phone.  We already had satellite, and AT&T internet, but we had to back off on the satellite channels because of the cost (and when you lose most of what you watch, what's the point?), and the internet was sooooo slow (might as well have dial-up... remember what that is? :)

We decided to try MetroNet's Fiber Internet and TV (we just use cell phones... no house phone).  They had to set up a time to run a cable out from the telephone lines and into our house.  Apparently, Lucas has heard us discussing this and had been greatly anticipating "The TV Guy"'s arrival at our house.

"Mommy, when is my friend the TV Guy coming?"

Poor "TV Guy" didn't know what he was in for... Lucas scarfed down what was left of his lunch, hopped down from his chair, and ran to the computer room where "TV Guy" was.  He told me Lucas wasn't bothering him, but rather keeping him entertained.  I went back to the kitchen, and this is what I heard...

"And I went to nursery at church... and Andy and Abby came over, and we went to the park, and we played baseball outside, and we played basketball really fast and shoot in da basket..."

"...and ambulances take sick people to da hospital..." 

"...and do you watch Sid da Science Kid? I like to watch How to Train Your Dragon... and da dragon fighted people! ...and Super Why has Super Letters..."

"...and Daddy works at airplanes and tells airplanes to GO DIS WAY AND DAT WAY!"

("TV Guy" has phone on speaker to get our internet turned on.  A male automated voice comes on)
"TV Guy, is that Uncle No-No on da phone? Are you talking to No-No? No-No flies an airplane..."

"...And I say, 'I love my mom,' and my mom says, 'Uh huh,' (a line from Sid the Science kid) ...and you get on dis thing and it turns it around back where it came from, and I can't open the train door... HEY, MOMMY! I PEED!"

"Hey, people! You can't pee in your diaper! You have to change your underwear!"

"Hey, TV Guy, will you play blocks with me? ...Dis is my Sesame Street (showing him a plush Ernie)... Guy, are you my friend?"

Poor TV Guy... I don't think he had a chance to say more than 3 words :) 

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