Monday, July 30, 2012

Mei Tai

Jack still hasn't figured out the whole "play-on-the-floor-by-yourself" thing yet, so I end up carrying him most of the day.  Don't get me wrong, I love holding my baby... but occasionally I need to do things like cook... or go to the bathroom... You know, those sorts of things.

Ever tried taking a baby grocery shopping and having them scream bloody murder from their carrier?  The looks random strangers give you make you feel like an awful parent.  I almost always have to take him out and carry him.  ...Ever tried carrying a baby, pushing a grocery cart, and keeping an eye on a toddler at the same time? It's exhausting!

Slings, wraps, and other methods of baby-wearing have become a way of life for me.  Jason's mom made me a gorgeous ring sling when Lucas was a baby.  It's still in great shape, and it's so easy to put on.  However, after about 30 minutes, your shoulder is throbbing.  It's not a grocery shopping sling.

A friend showed me how to make a Moby wrap.  Just buy about 6 feet of jersey knit material and cut it lengthwise.  You now have 2 instant no-sew slings!  Just follow the wearing instructions on the Moby website, and you're set!  I love how the baby feels like a part of you.  There is absolutely no strain on your shoulders or back, because the weight is spread out so much.  However... it's 6 feet long. It requires about 3 minutes of set up (depending on how fast and coordinated you are), and can you imagine putting it on while the ends drag in a filthy grocery store parking lot?  I have put the wrap on at home and just put my seat belt on over it, but again... it takes forever to put on.  Not exactly a grocery shopping wrap. 

I found the perfect solution!  It's called a Mei Tai (however it's supposed to be pronounced).  It took me about 3 months of on-again, off-again sewing, but it's completed, and I love it!  It goes on so quickly, can be folded to make baby sit taller (to see) or lower (to nurse), and it can be worn in front or in back. I can't even tell the baby is on me!  That's how well the weight is distributed.  I followed the instructions found here. The hood on this tutorial is plenty big enough to flip over one shoulder for nursing.  I have actually been desperate enough to get Jack to chill out, that I've repositioned him and helped him latch on while carrying on a conversation with someone in the deli aisle... they never even noticed :)

Pictures of Jack...

Pictures of Lucas... (at Best Buy waaay past bedtime... don't we look thrilled?)
^Jason's finger :)                                                                                                                     

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