Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Saturday, Jason and my sisters Laura and Megan ran another obstacle mud run.  This one was called Mudathlon.  Mud! Obstacles! Beer! A Mucking Good Time! (It's their slogan :)
10 minute hay ride to get from the parking area to the race area
The all-clean "before" picture (notice Lucas helping hold Aunt Megan :)
We were freaking out on the drive there.  We thought we left late enough that we might barely make it in time for their heat to start.  Then when we got there, we realized that we were in a different time zone (good thing it was an hour back and not ahead :).  So.... there was a lot of waiting and trying to stay out of the sun.
Waiting and getting drowsy in the heat...

Just like the other 2 races, only a portion of the course was visible to spectators.  However, with this one, the part we could see was the best part!  They had to swim through a muddy trench (twice... once at the beginning and once just before the finish line, just in the opposite direction), and they flew down a muddy slip-and-slide!

We laughed, because everyone else (at least all the guys) were laying back on the way down the slide, picking up a ton of speed, and soaking the spectators in mud... Laura and Megan sit up as straight as possible... and kind of make a ripple in the muddy water :)
The Swamp Things! They found out quickly that they couldn't walk through the muddy trench.  They'd instantly end up on their faces or tushes (yep, I said that :).  Swim/crawling was the fastest way through.
"Now remember, Folks! Your medal doubles as a bottle opener!" (says the announcer)

I think Megan was on a goofy adrenaline high.  She's singing to and making funny faces at the music playing over the loudspeakers :)
The Icky After Picture

This video courtesy of my dad, Jim Furey (testing out his new Mac).  Happy Birthday, Dad!

Thank you, Dad! Now I have proof that I actually go to these things :)

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