Monday, July 23, 2012

Lucas' Violin

Lucas loves anything music! He can recognize songs within the first two seconds of them playing.  Without being told, he can also pick out the loudest instrument (whether it's a steel guitar, a piano, or really loud drums) and "air play" it.  We try to accommodate his love of music by supplying toy replicas.  One instrument he did not have (but pretended with drum sticks, silverware, coat hangers... anything, really) was a violin.  He's fascinated by the violins and pianos at church.  I decided to try making him a violin out of a recently emptied diaper box, hot glue, jewelry wire and elastic string, and a dowel rod.  I wish I had taken pictures as I made it, but the end product is pretty impressive, if I do say so myself :).
I love how it looks! Too bad (for him) that it doesn't make any sound :)

(Cropped from an iPhone video) He instantly knew how to hold it! I didn't have to show him a thing!

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  1. Love this! Very cute!!

  2. That is awesome! You did a great job on that! Encourage him everyday! I have a degree in instrumental music, and even to this day music can bring emotion out in me and speak to me like almost nothing else.

  3. wow, very impressive! love the music encouragement!


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