Monday, December 19, 2011

Kids say the darndest things...

While I'm at work, I receive this text message from my husband:

"So we were in the Lowe's bathroom and a guy walks in and enters a stall. As I'm washing my hands the guy proceeds to fart rather loudly. Apparently Lucas didn't think I heard the guy so he said to me, 'The guy farted on the toilet.' Talk about awkward..."

Lucas has started running to the bathroom when he hears Daddy or Mommy getting ready for work.  He wants to "get ready for work" with us :).  With me, he pulls out my travel blow dryer and "dries" his hair.  With Jason, he wants to shave (with the cover on), put on deodorant, and gel his hair.  I walked into the bathroom a few nights ago, and found him "getting ready for work."  He was very insistent on making his hair look nice!

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