Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Jason and I both had to work on Christmas this year.  Thankfully, Lucas is young enough that he doesn't know the difference.  We celebrated Christmas with our small family on Christmas Eve.  We had Lucas get his little picture Bible out (so he could understand a little better), and we read the Christmas story with him.  Later that night was Christmas with my family, and then Sunday night with Jason's family.

Jason surprised me with a digital SLR camera (I'm so excited to learn how to really use it!  ...Got a long way to go :).  He and I have both had fun playing with it this weekend.

Unwrapping his big gift... a train table!!

Wearing his conductor's hat and scarf and attempting to blow his train whistle

Hugs with Papa
Getting ready for church Christmas morning
Harmonica lessons from Uncle "No-No"
Giggles with G'ama
Testing out Uncle "No-No's" headset

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