Friday, February 17, 2012

Mommies need 7 arms (and another set of eyes wouldn't hurt either)

I am so happy that Jason took 2 weeks off of work, but I'm sure dreading his first day back. It's only because of him that I'm still taking the occasional shower and changing my clothes daily. It's pretty complicated trying to hang on to a constantly nursing baby (someone please assure me he'll slow down eventually) while keeping a 2 1/2-year-old occupied, fed, and out of trouble... WITH help, let alone by yourself.

I'm not sure how other women do it, but I could sure use a couple extra limbs. One or two arms to nurse a baby (pinning the baby's arms down, holding his head to latch on, and keeping yourself covered at the same time... So maybe three or four arms), two to fix lunch, one to hug a toddler (put in that Wiggles DVD he wants to watch, help him find his toy tractors because he got bored of the movie, help him put his socks on his hands [why? I have no idea, but it makes sense to him], find his football), one to hold a camera to capture the toddler's silly antics, and maybe an extra right brain to think up ideas to keep the toddler busy once the football becomes boring... Oh and a little extra patience when he gets upset because I don't put the baby in time out when he's crying.

Then try going out somewhere... Everybody wears heavy coats, there's a diaper bag to carry, a purse (in case the diaper bag is stuffed too full of... well, diapers to fit your wallet and keys), a baby carrier, and then you have to hold your toddler's hand whenever you cross a parking lot.

How have mommies throughout the centuries done it?

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