Saturday, September 28, 2013

Meeting President Lincoln

A park near our house hosted a Civil War camp and reenactment.  Lucas is only just really starting to grasp the concept of "history,"  but we still tried to briefly explain the Civil War to him.  The boys thought the whole idea of camping at "their" park was the coolest thing in the whole world.  For Jason and I, we saw it all with new eyes as we explained everything to them. What would have been fascinating to us at the surgeon's tent, we had to pass by quickly so the boys wouldn't start crying.  Blankets and pillows on the ground outside looked like an adventure.  We were debating staying for the battle but decided against it when both boys started crying during gun practice.  Oh well... maybe when they're older :)

Lucas and Jackson had a hard enough time adjusting to all of the people in funny clothing, but even I was startled a little bit when "President Lincoln" reached his hand out for mine and bowed over it instead of shaking :).  I felt like I should throw a ball gown on and start dancing!

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