Tuesday, August 06, 2013

The Boys' First Baseball Game

We took the boys to their first baseball game last Friday.  Our minor league team here has a picnic area beyond the outfield which ended up being perfect for little children.  We brought small gloves and baseballs for them to play with, and at one point, one of the photographers for the team sat down in the grass nearby and just kept shooting photos of Jack playing with his ball and glove.  Yes, my children are adorable, and I will be looking forward to seeing him on your advertising materials :) (Jason checked.  Apparently buying a ticket gives our consent).

Jack's baseball was plush... and it fits perfectly between the links in a fence... (whoopsie daisy!)

Needless to say, Lucas was not happy about donating a baseball...

Oh well... it was Star Wars night at Victory Field, and for some reason that called for fireworks after the game.  Nope, no pictures.  I've decided that fireworks are fireworks, and I'd rather cuddle with the boys on a large horse blanket and hear them whisper, "Oh! Peety!"

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