Friday, June 14, 2013


Last Tuesday, Jason's parents took the boys and me to the Indianapolis Zoo (Jason had to work... boo).  Jack was old enough to enjoy seeing God's crazy critters and to test out all of the animal sounds he's been learning.

I would much rather capture my kids' faces when they see the animals at the zoo, but since I can only lean so far forward over the railing to see them before becoming a part of the exhibit myself, it didn't work out so well.  Sooo.... animal photos.  I decided to try focusing on patterns and textures instead of whole animals.  I only had a minute to grab pictures before the boys started running off.
Top to Bottom, Left to Right:
The boys watching a walrus; a penguin getting high on bubbles; Fruit Bat; Fruit Bat
Bald Eagle; Polar Bear; Meerkat; Some sort of monkey sucking his thumb
Lioness; Warthog tusks; Rhinoceros; Rhinoceros
Elephant; Elephant; Giraffe; Bear
Of course, we just had to check out the Splash Pad before we left... (and once again, yes... Lucas' eyes really do glow like that)

Signing "no" when G'ama tried to put him under a sprinkler

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