Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Indiana Spartan Sprint 2013

Jason and Corey convinced 2 of my siblings (Laura and Drew) to run a Spartan Race with them this year... crazy people... Bear with me.  I was testing out a zoom lens Hubby got me, and I'm not good at piecing photos together into a collage :).  While the race was advertised as a 3-5 mile race, with approximately 15 obstacles, they lied...  The printed spectator map said the course distance was 4.5 miles... they lied.  The final course was 5.3 miles with about 26 obstacles.  I believe the average completion time was 2-3 hours.

Last year, the Spartan Race crew didn't think there was much of a market in the Midwest for a race, so they didn't really make it super spectator friendly, and they didn't build an obstacles.  The obstacles were all muddy trenches and hills the racers had to get through.  Well, they were surprised with the turnout, and this year (with almost double the participants), they went all out with both the obstacles and spectator events.  In the center of this photo is a cargo net obstacle that went up and over the spectators.  The pile of logs in the front left was actually lit on fire, and the racers had to jump over it.

"Burpees don't really like you either" :) In this mud run, if you can't complete an obstacle, your penalty is 30 burpees... ugh! 

My sister Laura's heat ran 45 minutes before Jason and Corey's, and Drew's heat was 45 minutes after their's... I missed grabbing Laura for a prerace photo :(

Lucas, Jackson, and G'ama wishing Jason a good race
Abby wishing her daddy (Corey) a good race!

Smoke bomb at the start line
Right at the start, Jason's face connected with someone's hand!  I had no idea this even happened until I was scrolling back through the photos on my camera :)

Yep... she's kooky :)
The traverse wall... start on one side and "climb" your way to the other to ring a bell.  Can't do it?  30 burpees.  The shirtless guy on the left is Jason :)  I think Corey was the only one in our group to get this one.
Drew at the start of his heat.  I'm so frustrated that I missed him during the rest of the race.  We weren't expecting him to be so freaky fast, so my timing was all off when I went to look for him on different obstacles :(
Hubby on the cargo net
Yep... he's hot :) ...and no, I'm not biased!
Da-na-na-na! STOP! It's Burpee Time! (Apparently, quite a few people don't know how to properly throw [and stick] a javelin, either... interesting bit of trivia I learned later... my dad threw javelin in high school :)

Corey at the finish (ugh! completely missed it!)
L-R: Gladiator pit; "I'm going to cry, because I'm finally done!"; "Deeeeep breath... I'm done."
Jason and Drew had no idea they were next to each other.  This is another "aha!" moment after scrolling through my pictures.  I'm so glad I got at least one more of Drew on the course!
L-R: Fire pit; gladiators; finish!

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