Tuesday, May 07, 2013

500 Festival 2013

Jason ran the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon Saturday.  He finished in the top 13th percentile :)

Jason says, "Give the the camera to her.  See if she'll take our picture."  Sooo... I did.  And the woman asks me which button zooms out.  Sorry, darling.  The DSLR only zooms out more if you move your feet backwards.
 We left Jack at home with G'ama.  It was plenty hard enough getting Lucas up at 5:30...

During the wait, beach balls were thrown into the runner corrals to keep everyone entertained (and to give them something to direct their adrenaline toward)

Jason says the pic on the left isn't internet worthy... I disagree :)

Since we had 1.5-2 hours to kill, Lucas and I strolled along the Canal.  I always forget how beautiful and peaceful it is down there!

This is where Jason proposed to me almost exactly 7 years ago (5/5/05)

Unfortunately, you had to pay to get into special tents on the finish line if you want to see your family/friends finish.   So, no finish line photo :(

Lucas's Kid's Run is next Saturday...

Jason recorded the race, and I caught this...
The woman with the jogger is me :) Lucas decided we got him up too early, so he's catnapping.

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