Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cows... Mooo!

So this is one of those little adventures from October that I haven't posted. There is a large dairy farm nearby... okay a few hours away "nearby".  We took Lucas there last year, and he had a blast.  We took the boys (and my dad) back to Fair Oaks Farms.  It's a huge dairy farm with a museum (with a 4D theater), a bus tour of the barns and milking area, a cheese factory (with ice cream and cheese made there), an outdoor activity area, and a birthing barn (where you can see at least one cow in labor at any given time).

On the way into the museum...

The 4D theater... Lucas screamed bloody murder last year.  We didn't attempt it this time.

This was so awesome!  We got to see a first-time mom give birth to her calf.  Look at the poor calf's terrified eyes!

Not sure how much he understood about the whole delivery process.   Silly child is refusing to look at me because the camera is out...

The cow-rousel (hehe, I made that up all by myself :)

...greedy baby...

Finally! A picture of me!

How fast can you clean and hook up the the pumping machine thingy?

Me and my daddy!

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