Friday, September 28, 2012

Bedtime Giggles :)

I love watching my boys interact.  Lucas loves playing Big Brother, and Jackson adores Lucas.  At 3 years old, Lucas is one of the best babysitters for my very energetic baby.

For some reason, every time I've gotten them ready for bed in the past week, as soon as we say bedtime prayers... it's play time again?  Lucas leans toward Jackson for a hug and kiss good night. Then...

            Out of nowhere...

                         Comes Kung-Foo Baby!

He just attacks!  The next 15 minutes is filled with some of the funniest, gigglingest antics I ever did see :)

I will eat you! RAWRRR!
Oooo... tasty!!
Nom nom nom nom...
Now what in the world was I just about to do?
Grr! This is so frustrating! I know I'll remember just as soon as Mommy puts me in the crib!

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  1. so very sweet! My boys are 4 yrs apart and they too have amazing mock-fight sessions!!

  2. Oh love it! My 14 month old also loves to wrestle and ram his head into us. He thinks it's a game to stand up with his arms up above his head and body slam us! Crazy boys...Stopping over from Jelli's link up!

  3. They are sooo cute! My little ones will have about the same age difference so hopefully this is a preview for me. :)

  4. This is brotherly love! I really like how you captured their facial expressions as they interact. I'll bet they'll grow into great buddies, Camille. Thanks so much for sharing a great dose of cutie with me today.


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