Monday, September 17, 2012

30 Ways in 30 Days {Day 17}

Day 17... I love that my husband is so supportive when I am stressed. I was worn out with a new baby and a toddler that decided he was "all done with naps, Mommy."  Jason practically forced me out of the house one morning back in February, telling me he called a nail salon nearby and that they were expecting me for a pedicure.  Wow?  See... I'm not the kind of person to have my nails done on a regular basis... or really ever (confession: polish normal stays on my toes, chipped or otherwise, for a couple months before i ever get around to redoing it); I get so wrapped up in what's going on with my family, that I tend to forget about little things like that. It was so sweet of him to even think of that (...or maybe my toes were bothering him... either way...), and that hour completely to myself was just enough to go home refreshed and ready to tackle more diapers :).

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