Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Wiggles

Lucas is a huge fan of the Wiggles! Jason and I wanted to surprise him, so we bought tickets to the Wiggles concert in Indy. We definitely wanted to do it before all the originals retired next year :(.

Below is a combination of iPhone pictures and camera pictures (set on a really high ISO and really slow shutter speed).
 We asked Lucas where he wanted to go eat before seeing The Wiggles... he says, "I want to eat pancakes!"

I wanted to give Lucas something cool to wear, so I cut up a few T-shirts in Wiggles colors and hand-"appliqued" them to a gray T-shirt.  Below the colors I wrote "I'm going to a Wiggly Party!"



The Murat Theatre

Of course, in the middle of all the crazy fun, Lucas decides he has to go to the bathroom :) Murray was walking past our seats as we got back, so we got the chance to wave to him!

On the left: Anthony with the Wiggles-in-Training (the new group next year); On the right: the originals, Jeff, Anthony, Murray, and Greg
Yes... I know too many of the songs :)

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