Monday, July 09, 2012

Painting in a Bag

I found this idea on Pinterest! Genius!!! All the fun of finger painting with no mess!

Squirt several different pain colors into a freezer Ziplock. Tape it to a glass door or window on all four sides (I guess you could just place the bag on your kitchen table and let the kid have at it... I just liked how the light illuminated the colors).
Eww.. fingerprints on glass... oh well :)

We got about 5 minutes into playing with this when we got a SUDDEN thunderstorm. I knew it was getting darker and would probably rain soon, but I had no idea the wind would kick up so suddenly and our neighbor's ginormous tree would bend right over like that! Our power went out at the same time (it was about 90• outside, by the way), and when I saw that tree start coming down, I grabbed the boys and ran to our "Tornado Spot" (behind the couch against perpendicular walls).
Watching the storm come in

Soo... Fast forward to having power back on (the storm ended up not being as bad as it started, although several thick branches from that tree ended up in our driveway)...

Lucas and I were able to practice naming colors, and it also gave me a chance to show him what happened when colors mixed.

Oh, and since it's in a sealed bag (and my toddler wanted it left up), it's still in the window a week later, and the paint is still wet :)

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