Wednesday, July 04, 2012

4th of July

Happy birthday, USA! Thank you, God, for our freedom!
Lucas and I made flag fans before the parade (well, I did...) to try to beat the heat: printed a picture of a flag off the internet and hot glued it to a piece of kid's craft foam and a popsicle stick; No matter how hard we practice, Luc still hasn't gotten the hang of blowing bubbles... he usually ends up swallowing the soap :); This picture of Jack was the best I could get, considering I couldn't put him down and I was shooting blind... not bad, since his eyelashes are what ended up in-focus :)
The picture of the horse actually turned out pretty cool; it's cropped from another photo I took at the parade. However, once I did the cropping, I noticed that my focus ended up being the horse's eye... which happened to be looking right at me :)
This was my first attempt ever at taking the boys (or even boy) to a parade by myself.  Jason had to work again this morning :(.  I'd say we did pretty well!  Both boys were on their best behavior (actually, Jack ended up just curling into me and falling asleep... it was so hot out there!).  Lucas totally didn't understand the concept of diving for the candy thrown at him... He sat there so politely and adorably on the curb with his hands folded and his bucket between his feet.  The parade participants (and all the older people sitting around us) ended up coming up to him and putting it directly into the bucket!  It was overflowing, and he didn't even have to do any work for it!  Why didn't I think of that?

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