Saturday, January 28, 2012

Snow Day

I'm not sure I'll ever understand Indiana weather.  This past month, for example, has been crazy.  One day it's 50 degrees and dry, the next day it's 45 with a cold drizzle, and the next day it's 30 with a wind chill of 25 and 2-3 inches of snow... then the next day, it's 45 and sunny again.  I'm getting whiplash :)

Earlier this week, we managed to get our snow gear on quick enough before the snow melted. I grabbed an ice bucket and ladle (sand buckets and shovels are currently buried in the green turtle inhabiting our side yard), stuffed my extremely excited toddler into a snow suit, grabbed my camera, and outside we went!

Sunlight on his eyes has an amazing effect!
It's been so cold and dreary lately that we've been indoors quite a bit.  While it's much warmer curling up inside with an afghan and a few toys or books, it makes for poor pictures.  I've been trying my hardest to use the manual settings on my new camera, but it's hard to practice when the settings I have to use for my lens leave grainy pictures (one of these days I'll beg Jason for a faster lens and a speedlight :)... until then I'll make-do).  Anyways, long story short, I was so excited to take some brighter outdoor picture!

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