Saturday, November 12, 2011

Flat Orange Soda

On Tuesday, the nurse from my OB's office called to say that I had failed my glucose screening (by 1 point.... The cut off was 139 and I was 140). So, now I'm supposed to have the four-hour fasting glucose test done. I was instructed to go to IU North at 7am Saturday morning. Any one of the entrances would work and I could be directed to Outpatient Lab. So, here I am, at 6:53. No one is at the outpatient lab that I can see, other than another pregnant woman here for the same test. She makes a phone call and is told to go around to the rear lab entrance... While we're looking for said entrance, a hospital employee informs us that there is no lab on Saturdays, and we'll have to go to the ER. The ER sends us back to the lab (where I find out they never received the order from my doctor), then back to the ER for registration, and finally back to the lab for testing.

Bleh! The 50gm bottle I drank Monday actually wasn't too bad. It just tasted like orange soda that had been sitting out for a while. The 100gm bottle I drank this morning after they drew my blood, on the other hand... Ugh! It was like drinking orange-spike Aunt Jemima!

Well... I got it down... found a comfy chair, and fell asleep. Once an hour for the next three hours they brought me back in and drew more blood. I now have track marks :/.

I was so hungry all morning, but I survived. Nothing a juicy hamburger won't cure!

PS. I should find out my results on Monday

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